List of United States Political Families (H)

List Of United States Political Families (H)

The following is an alphabetical list of political families in the United States whose last name begins with H.

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List Of United States Political Families (H) - The Hydes of Connecticut
... Waldo (1802–1881), Connecticut StateRepresentative 1832–1834 1839 1847–1848, Probate Court Judge in Connecticut 1842–1843, U.S ... Hyde, Connecticut StateRepresentative 1890, U.S ...

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    Whatever else American thinkers do, they psychologize, often brilliantly. The trouble is that psychology only takes us so far. The new interest in families has its merits, but it will have done us all a disservice if it turns us away from public issues to private matters. A vision of things that has no room for the inner life is bankrupt, but a psychology without social analysis or politics is both powerless and very lonely.
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    No wonder that, when a political career is so precarious, men of worth and capacity hesitate to embrace it. They cannot afford to be thrown out of their life’s course by a mere accident.
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