List of United States Political Families (H) - The Harrisons

The Harrisons

  • Peyton Randolph (1721–1775), Delegate to the Continental Congress from Virginia 1774–1775. Brother-in-law of Benjamin Harrison.
  • Benjamin Harrison V (1726–1791), Delegate to the Continental Congress from Virginia 1774, member of the Virginia Legislature 1776 and signed the Declaration of Independence, Governor of Virginia 1782–1784. Brother-in-law of Peyton Randolph.
  • John Cleves Symmes (1742–1814), Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court 1777–1787, Delegate to the Continental Congress from New Jersey 1785–1786, Justice of the Northwest Territory Supreme Court 1788–1802. Father-in-law of William Henry Harrison.
    • Carter Bassett Harrison (1752–1808), member of the Virginia Legislature, U.S. Representative from Virginia 1793–1799. Son of Benjamin Harrison V.
    • Edmund Jennings Randolph (1753–1813), delegate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention 1776, Attorney General of Virginia 1776–1782, Delegate to the Continental Congress from Virginia 1779–1782, Governor of Virginia 1786–1788, Virginia House Delegate 1788, Attorney General of the United States 1789–1794, U.S. Secretary of State 1794–1795. Nephew of Peyton Randolph.
    • Beverley Randolph (1754–1797), Governor of Virginia 1788–1791. Nephew of Benjamin Harrison V.
    • Burwell Bassett (1764–1841), Virginia House Delegate 1787–1789 1819–1821, Virginia State Senator 1794–1805, U.S. Representative from Virginia 1805–1813 1815–1819 1821–1829. First cousin of William Henry Harrison.
    • William Henry Harrison (1773–1841), Secretary of the Northwest Territory 1798–1799, U.S. Congressional Delegate from the Northwest Territory 1799–1800, Governor of Indiana Territory 1801–1812, U.S. Representative from Ohio 1816–1819, Ohio State Senator 1819–1821, candidate for Governor of Ohio 1820, U.S. Senator from Ohio 1825–1828, U.S. Minister to Gran Colombia 1828–1829, candidate for President of the United States 1836, President of the United States 1841. Son of Benjamin Harrison V.
      • John Scott Harrison (1804–1878), U.S. Representative from Ohio 1853–1857. Son of William Henry Harrison.
      • Carter Harrison, Sr. (1825–1893), U.S. Representative from Illinois 1875–1879, Mayor of Chicago, Illinois 1879–1887 1893; candidate for Governor of Illinois 1884. Grandnephew of Benjamin Harrison V.
        • Carter Harrison, Jr. (1860–1953), Mayor of Chicago, Illinois 1897–1905 1911–1915: delegate to the Democratic National Convention 1916 1920 1932 1936. Son of Carter Harrison, Sr.
        • Alvin Saunders (1817–1899), delegate to the Iowa Constitutional Convention 1846, Iowa State Senator 1854–1856 1858–1860, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1860 1868, Governor of Nebraska Territory 1861–1867, U.S. Senator from Nebraska 1877–1883. Grandfather of William H. Harrison.
        • Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901), candidate for Governor of Indiana 1876, U.S. Senator from Indiana 1881–1887, President of the United States 1889–1893. Son of John Scott Harrison.
      • Russell Benjamin Harrison (1854–1936), Indiana State Representative 1921–1925, Indiana State Senator 1925–1933, son of President Benjamin Harrison, father of U.S. Representative William H. Harrison of Wyoming, father-in-law of Alvin Saunders.
        • William H. Harrison (1896–1990), Indiana State Representative 1927–1929, Wyoming State Representative 1845–1850, U.S. Representative from Wyoming 1951–1955 1961–1965 1967–1969, candidate for U.S. Senate from Wyoming 1954. Grandson of Alvin Saunders and Benjamin Harrison, son of Russell Benjamin Harrison.

NOTE: William Henry Harrison was also fourth cousin once removed of U.S. President John Tyler. John Cleves Symmes was also nephew by marriage of New York Assemblyman Peter V.B. Livingston and Congressional Delegate Philip Livingston, son-in-law of Congressional Delegate William Livingston, first cousin by marriage of New York Assemblyman Peter R. Livingston, Congressional Delegate Walter Livingston, and New York State Senator Philip Livingston; and brother-in-law of Congressional Delegate John Jay and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brockholst Livingston.

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