List of United States Political Families (H) - The Henrys and Lloyds

The Henrys and Lloyds

  • John Henry (1750–1798), Maryland House Delegate 1777–1780, Delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland 1778–1780 1785–1786, Maryland State Senator 1780–1790, U.S. Senator from Maryland 1789–1797, Governor of Maryland 1797–1798. Great-grandfather of Henry Lloyd.
    • Henry Lloyd (1852–1920), Maryland State Senator 1882–1884, Governor of Maryland 1885–1888, Maryland Circuit Court Judge 1892–1908. Great-grandson of John Henry.

NOTE: Henry Lloyd was also grandson of U.S. Senator Edward Lloyd, great-grandson of Continental Congressional Delegate Edward Lloyd, and great-great-grandson of Maryland Colony Governor Edward Lloyd.

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