List of United States Political Families (H) - The Hepburns, Chittendens, Galushas, and Lyons

The Hepburns, Chittendens, Galushas, and Lyons

  • Thomas Chittenden (1730–1797), Governor of Vermont 1778–1789 1790–1797. Father of Martin Chittenden.
    • Martin Chittenden (1763–1840), member of the Vermont Legislature, Vermont State Court Judge, U.S. Representative from Vermton 1803–1813, Governor of Vermont 1813–1815. Son of Thomas Chittenden.
    • Matthew Lyon (1749–1822), Vermont State Representative 1779–1783, candidate for U.S. Representative from Vermont 1790 1792 1794, U.S. Representative from Vermont 1797–1801, Kentucky State Representative 1802, U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1803–1811, candidate for U.S. Congressional Delegate from Arkansas Territory 1822. Son-in-law of Thomas Chittenden.
    • Jonas Galusha (1753–1834), Governor of Vermont 1809–1813 1815–1820. Son-in-law of Thomas Chittenden.
      • Chittenden Lyon (1787–1842), Kentucky State Representative 1822–1824, Kentucky State Senator 1827–1835, U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1827–1835. Son of Matthew Lyon.
        • William Peters Hepburn (1833–1916), Prosecuting Attorney of Marshall County, Iowa; District Attorney in Iowa 1856–1861; U.S. Representative from Iowa 1881–1887 1893–1909. Great-grandson of Matthew Lyon.

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