List of United States Political Families (H) - The Hardins

The Hardins

  • Martin D. Hardin (1780–1823), Kentucky State Representative 1805–1806 1812 1818–1820, Kentucky Secretary of State 1812–1816, U.S. Senator from Kentucky 1816–1817. Cousin of Benjamin Hardin.
  • Benjamin Hardin (1784–1852), Kentucky State Representative 1810–1811 1824–1825, Kentucky State Senator 1828–1832, U.S. Representative from Kentucky 1815–1817 1819–1823 1833–1837, Kentucky Secretary of State 1844–1847, delegate to the Kentucky Constitutional Convention 1849. Cousin of Martin D. Hardin.
    • John J. Hardin (1810–1847), Prosecuting Attorney of Morgan County, Illinois; Illinois State Representative 1836–1842; U.S. Representative from Illinois 1843–1845. Son of Martin D. Hardin.

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