List of United States Political Families (H) - The Harts and Kings

The Harts and Kings

  • Horatio King (1811–1897), Postmaster General of the United States 1861. Father of Horatio Collins King.
    • Horatio Collins King (1837–1918), New York Secretary of State 1895, candidate for U.S. Representative from New York 1897, candidate for Comptroller of New York 1912. Son of Horatio King.
      • Merwin K. Hart (1881–1962), New York Assemblyman 1907–1908. Grandson-in-law of Horatio Collins King.

NOTE: Merwin K. Hart was also great-great-grandson of New York Assemblyman Thomas Hart, great-grandson of New York State Senator Ephraim Hart, great-grandnephew of New York State Senator Truman Hart, and grandnephew of New York Assemblyman Henry R. Hart.

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