List of United States Political Families (H) - The Hares

The Hares

  • Raymond A. Hare (1901–1994), U.S. Vice Consul in Paris, France 1932; U.S. Consul in Cairo, Egypt 1943; U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia 1950–1953; U.S. Minister to Yemen 1950–1953 1959–1960; U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon 1953–1954; U.S. Ambassador to Egypt 1956–1958; U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Republic 1958–1959; U.S. Ambassador to Turkey 1961–1965. Father of Paul Julian Hare.
    • Paul Julian Hare (1937–), U.S. Ambassador to Zambia 1985–1988. Son of Raymond A. Hare.

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