List of United States Political Families (H) - The Howells of Michigan and Nebraska

The Howells of Michigan and Nebraska

  • Andrew Howell, Michigan State Senator 1865 1867, Circuit Court Judge in Michigan 1862–1867. Father of Robert B. Howell.
    • Robert B. Howell (1864–1933), Nebraska State Senator 1902–1904, Republican National Committeeman 1912–1924, candidate for Governor of Nebraska 1914, U.S. Senator from Nebraska 1923–1933. Son of Andrew Howell.

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    What should concern Massachusetts is not the Nebraska Bill, nor the Fugitive Slave Bill, but her own slaveholding and servility. Let the State dissolve her union with the slaveholder.... Let each inhabitant of the State dissolve his union with her, as long as she delays to do her duty.
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    In Europe life is histrionic and dramatized, and ... in America, except when it is trying to be European, it is direct and sincere.
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