2006 AFL Draft - Trades


Player Name Original Club New Club Traded For
Jason Akermanis Brisbane Lions Western Bulldogs Pick #34
Andrew McDougall and pick #34 West Coast Eagles Western Bulldogs Pick #29 and #59
Shane Birss Western Bulldogs St Kilda Pick #59
Graham Polak, Pick #13 and pick #63 Fremantle Richmond Pick #8 (ontraded to Collingwood) and pick #42
Paul Medhurst and Pick #8 Fremantle Collingwood Chris Tarrant
Peter Everitt Hawthorn Sydney Swans Pick #33
Chris Tarrant Collingwood Fremantle Pick #8 and Paul Medhurst
Michael Gardiner and Pick #59 West Coast Eagles St Kilda Pick #43
Dean Solomon and Pick #52 Essendon Fremantle Pick #42 and #47

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