Western Bulldogs

The Western Bulldogs is an Australian rules football club that plays in the Australian Football League (AFL). Founded in 1873, the Club won nine premierships in the Victorian Football Association (VFA) between 1898 and 1924, and one premiership in 1954 since joining the then-Victorian Football League (VFL), the predecessor to the AFL, in 1925.

The Western Bulldogs home guernsey features two thick horizontal "hoops"; one red and one white, on a royal blue background. Historically, the Club's fiercest rival has been the Essendon Football Club, with whom it shares a geographical border.

The Club is based at the Whitten Oval in Footscray, an inner-western suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The Club draws its supporter base from this traditionally working class area and plays its home matches at Docklands Stadium in the Melbourne Docklands area, also in the city's inner-west. In October 1996, the Club began to play under its current name of the "Western Bulldogs", changing from its original name of the "Footscray Football Club". The Whitten Oval has undergone a A$20 million redevelopment which greatly improved the Club's headquarters and training facilities.

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