Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian (български език, ) is an Indo-European language, a member of the Southern branch of the Slavic language family.

Bulgarian, along with the closely related Macedonian language (collectively forming the East South Slavic languages), has several characteristics that set it apart from all other Slavic languages: changes include the elimination of case declension, the development of a suffixed definite article (see Balkan language area) and the lack of a verb infinitive; but it retains and has further developed the Proto-Slavic verb system. Various evidential verb forms exist to express unwitnessed, retold, and doubtful action. Estimates of the number of people around the world who speak Bulgarian fluently range from about 9 million to 12 million.

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Theodosius Of Sinai
... Theodosius of Sinai (Bulgarian Теодосий Синаитски, Teodosiy Sinaitski ? – March 1843) was a Bulgarian priest, writer and printer ... He founded the first Bulgarian printing-house in Thesaloniki ... His birth name was Teohar (Bulgarian Теохар) ...
Pomaks - Language
... There is no specific Pomak dialect of the Bulgarian language ... The Pomaks speak almost the same dialects as those spoken by the Christian Bulgarians with which they live side by side and Pomaks living in different regions speak different dialects ... In Bulgaria there is a trend for dialects to give to the standard Bulgarian language and this is also affecting the dialects spoken by the Pomaks and their usage is now rare in urban areas and ...
Bulgarian Language - Common Expressions
... anglíyski) – English …български (bə́lgarski) – Bulgarian …немски (némski) – German …полски (polski) – Polish …руски (ruski) – Russian ...
Political Views On The Macedonian Language - Bulgarian View
... of Macedonia, most of its academics, as well as the general public, regard the language spoken there as a form of Bulgarian ... dispute, in 1999 the government in Sofia solved the problem with the Macedonian Language under the formula "the official language of the country (Republic of Macedonia) in accordance with its constitution" ... Most Bulgarian linguists consider the Slavic dialects spoken in the region of Macedonia as a part of the Bulgarian diasystem ...
Bulgarski - History
... The development of the Bulgarian language may be divided into several periods ... Old Bulgarian (9th to 11th century, also referred to as Old Church Slavonic) – a literary norm of the early southern dialect of the Common Slavic ... Middle Bulgarian (12th to 15th century) – a literary norm that evolved from the earlier Old Bulgarian, after major innovations were accepted ...

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