Macedonian refers to different population groups, languages and other things from Macedonia, in any of several meanings of that term.

More specifically, it may refer to:

Population uses
  • Macedonians (ethnic group), the Slavic people associated with the Republic of Macedonia.
  • Macedonians (Greeks), the Greek people from the region of Macedonia in Greece.
  • Macedonians (Bulgarians), the Bulgarian people from the region of Macedonia.
  • Macedo-Romanians (Aromanians), a small group from the region of Macedonia.
Linguistic uses
  • Macedonian language, a modern Slavic language spoken by ethnic Macedonians.
Historical uses
  • Ancient Macedonians, the people of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia.
  • Ancient Macedonian language, an extinct language, probably related to the ancient Greek language.
  • Macedonian Dynasty, a line of rulers of the Byzantine Empire (867 - 1056 AD).
  • Pneumatomachi, also known as Macedonians, a 4th century Byzantine Christian sect.
Other uses
  • HMS Macedonian, a British frigate (1808–1812).

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