Eastern Dialects

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Finnish Language - Dialects - Dialect Chart of Finnish
... Western dialects Southern-Western dialects Proper Southern-Western dialects Northern dialect group Southern dialect group Southern-Western middle dialects ...
Malay Languages - History
... to be part of an ancient Malay kingdom called Pattani — speak a dialect of Malay called Yawi (not to be confused with Jawi), which is similar to Kelantanese Malay, but the language has no official ... Besides Indonesian, which developed from the Malaccan dialect, there are many Malay dialects spoken in Indonesia Malay-based creole languages, divided into ... predominantly spoken in Sumatra, and known as Sumatran dialects, such as Riau, Langkat, Palembang and Jambi ...
Bulgarski - Dialects
... The language is mainly split into two broad dialect areas, based on the different reflexes of the Common Slavic yat vowel (Ѣ) ... Ages, led to the development of Bulgaria's Western dialects (informally called твърд говор/tvurd govor – "hard speech") the former yat is pronounced "e" in all ... Eastern dialects (informally called мек говор/mek govor – "soft speech") the former yat alternates between "ya" and "e" it is pronounced "ya ...

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