Zaimis (Greek: Ζαΐμης) is the surname of two Prime Ministers of Greece and others:

  • Alexandros Zaimis, Prime Minister of Greece five times in the late 1890s and the early-20th century
  • Androutsos Zaimis, took part in 1751 against the Turks
  • Andreas Zaimis (1791–1840), a Greek minister and soldier in the Greek War of Independence
  • Andreas Zaimis (younger), Achaia politician
  • Asimakos Zaimis, a politician
  • Dimitrios Zaimis, revolutionary leader
  • Filippos Zaimis, chief of Kalavryta
  • Fokion Zaimis, politician
  • Ioannis Zaimis (1797–1882), first Mayor of Patras
  • Konstantinos Zaimis, politician
  • Panagiotis Zaimis
  • Theodoros Zaimis, politician and doctor
  • Thrasivoulos Zaimis (1822–1880), Prime Minister of Greece several times in the 1870s

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Andreas Zaimis
... Andreas Asimakou Zaimis (Greek Ανδρέας Ζαΐμης) (1791–1840) was a Greek freedom fighter and government leader during the Greek War of Independence ... Born in Kalavryta, in the northern Peloponnesos, Zaimis was a leader of armed men who fought the Ottoman Turks, ultimately securing Greece's freedom ... In 1826, Zaimis was chosen as the leader of the interim Greek government ...
Stylianos Mavromichalis
... He studied law and was president of the Areopagus (Court of Cassation Greek Άρειος Πάγος), the Supreme Court of Greece ... He was prime minister for a very short period, from 29 September to the 8 November 1963, of a transitional government ...
Ioannis Zaimis
... Ioannis Zaimis (Greek Ιωάννης Ζαΐμης, 1797–1882) was a Greek politician of Achaia and the first Mayor of Patras ... born in 1797 and was the son of Asimakis Zaimis, part of the famous Zaimis family that produced famous revolutionary heroes. 150 years later, a relative of his family Andreas Zaimis became without luck in the mayor's seat ...
Spyridon Lambros
... Prime Minister of Greece October 10, 1916 - February, 1917 Succeeded by Alexandros Zaimis Heads of government of Greece First Hellenic Republic (1822–1832) Mavrokordatos P ... Zaimis I ... Zaimis Deligiorgis Koumoundouros Thr ...
Sotirios Sotiropoulos
... In 1893, Sotiropoulos was tapped by King George I to form a government as Prime Minister, but it lost a vote of confidence a few months later ... Later, Sotiropoulos was kidnapped by the brigand Lafazanis near Kalamata ...