Zaimis Family

The Zaimis family (Ζαΐμης) are the main family of Achaea, which participated in the important role and during the Turkish rule and after the liberation during the Greek War of Independence. The family are descended from Kerpini near Kalavryta, a village which had nominated studied families.

The family made it to the in 1730 which Filippos Zaimis elected chief of Kalavryta. The acme of the Zaimis family raised importantly with the of Androutsos Zaimis into a baby in which in prefect of the Peloponnese.

During the Greek Revolution as well as before, the family tried its important servants. They helped economically in the action of the Secret Society and many members which councled the battle as gunmen. In 1824 which passed the civil war, many members of the family fled from Ioannis Gouras and Georgios Karaiskakis.

In liberated Greece, many members of the family became presidents of parliament, presidents and Prime Ministers of Greece, even politicians, mayors, prefectural premiers/governors? or prefectural leaders, chiefs, etc., it made up with members with famous families including Rouf or Roufos, Deligiannis, Charalambis, Negris, Averoff, etc.

These famous members include:

  • Androutsos Zaimis, took part in 1751 against the Turks
  • Panagiotis Zaimis
  • Dimitrios Zaimis, revolutrionary leader
  • Ioannis Zaimis, mayor of Patras and politician of Kalavryta.
  • Thrasivoulos Zaimis, president of parliament and Prime Minister of Greece
  • Alexandros Zaimis, president of parliament, Prime Minister and President of Greece
  • Asimakos Zaimis (politician)
  • Andreas Zaimis Prime Minister of Greece
  • Andreas Zaimis, Achaia politician
  • Theodoros Saimis, politician and doctor
  • Fokion Zaimis, politician

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... Until recently, Andreas Zaimis in Achaia in the Greek parliament and today is the president of the club known as the friends of the Library of Alexandria ... His son Konstantinos Zaimis educated with politics, in the 2000 election, he was elected as politician od Achaia with New Democracy ...

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