Wilks can be: A common name for Cittarium pica, an edible Caribbean sea snail

It can also be a surname, as follows:

  • Alan Wilks, footballer
  • Clement Wilks, Australian civil engineer
  • Eileen Wilks, American author
  • Ella Wilks, New Zealand actress
  • Guy Wilks, British Rally driver
  • Hector Wilks, English botanist
  • Henry Wilks, fictional character in Emmerdale soap opera
  • Ivor Wilks, British historian
  • James Wilks (born 1978), English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Jim Wilks (born 1958), American football player
  • Mark Wilks (born 1760), Manx soldier
  • Mark Wilks Collet (born 1860), British banker
  • Maurice Wilks, British car designer
  • Mike Wilks (author)
  • Mike Wilks (basketball)
  • Robert Wilks (born c1665), British actor
  • Samuel S. Wilks, American mathematician and statistician
  • Samuel Wilks (born 1827), British physician
  • Steven Wilks, American football player (?)
  • Suzie Wilks, Australian TV celebrity
  • Ted Wilks, American (?) baseball celebrity
  • William Wilks (born 1843), British horticulturalist
  • William Wilks (Australian politician)
  • Yorick Wilks, British computer scientist

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