Von Mises Distribution - Estimation of Parameters

Estimation of Parameters

A series of N measurements drawn from a von Mises distribution may be used to estimate certain parameters of the distribution. (Borradaile, 2003) The average of the series is defined as

and its expectation value will be just the first moment:

In other words, is an unbiased estimator of the first moment. If we assume that the mean lies in the interval, then Arg will be a (biased) estimator of the mean .

Viewing the as a set of vectors in the complex plane, the statistic is the square of the length of the averaged vector:

and its expectation value is:

In other words, the statistic

will be an unbiased estimator of and solving the equation for will yield a (biased) estimator of . In analogy to the linear case, the solution to the equation will yield the maximum likelihood estimate of and both will be equal in the limit of large N.

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