Bessel may refer to:

  • Bessel beam
  • Bessel ellipsoid
  • Bessel function in mathematics
  • Bessel's inequality in mathematics
  • Bessel filter, a linear filter often used in audio crossover systems
  • Bessel (crater), a small lunar crater
  • Bessel transform, also known as Fourier-Bessel transform or Hankel transform
  • Bessel window
  • Besselian date, see Epoch (astronomy)#Besselian years
  • MV Bessel, a German merchant ship in service 1928-45, latterly for the Kriegsmarine

Bessel is the name of:

  • Friedrich Bessel (1784–1846), German mathematician, astronomer, and systematizer of the Bessel functions
  • Bessel Kok (born 1941), Dutch businessman and chess organiser