Supervised Learning - Approaches and Algorithms

Approaches and Algorithms

  • Analytical learning
  • Artificial neural network
  • Backpropagation
  • Boosting (meta-algorithm)
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Case-based reasoning
  • Decision tree learning
  • Inductive logic programming
  • Gaussian process regression
  • Gene Expression Programming
  • Kernel estimators
  • Learning Automata
  • Minimum message length (decision trees, decision graphs, etc.)
  • Naive bayes classifier
  • Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  • Probably approximately correct learning (PAC) learning
  • Ripple down rules, a knowledge acquisition methodology
  • Symbolic machine learning algorithms
  • Subsymbolic machine learning algorithms
  • Support vector machines
  • Random Forests
  • Ensembles of Classifiers
  • Ordinal classification
  • Data Pre-processing
  • Handling imbalanced datasets
  • Statistical relational learning
  • Proaftn, a multicriteria classification algorithm

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