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This section lists people commonly referred to solely by this name.
Duke of Normandy
  • Robert the Magnificent, also known as Robert the Devil, father of William the Conqueror
Franconian Babenbergers/Robertian Capetians
  • Robert II (Robert of Hesbaye) of Worms, Germany (aka Rutpert II, Hruodbertus II)
  • Robert III of Worms, Germany (aka Rutpert III, Hruodbertus III)
  • Robert the Strong (aka Rutpert IV, Hruodbertus IV)
Kings of France
  • Robert I of France
  • Robert II of France
King of Naples
  • Robert of Naples
Kings of Scotland
  • Robert I of Scotland ("Robert the Bruce")
  • Robert II of Scotland
  • Robert III of Scotland
  • Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester, English noble
  • Robert of Melun, scholastic theologian
  • Robert of Winchelsea, theologian and opponent of both Edward I and Edward II of England
  • Brother Robert, 13th century translator of French works into Old Norse
  • Saint Robert of Molesme, founder of the Cistercian Order (d. 1111)
  • Saint Robert of Newminster, established the Abbey of Newminster near the castle of Ralph de Merlay, at Morpeth, Northumberland (d. 1159)
  • Saint Robert de Turlande, founding abbot of the Abbey of Casa Dei, also called Chaise-Dieu (d. 1067)
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit Doctor of the Church (d. 1621)

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