Oppenheimer as a surname may refer to:

  • Alan Oppenheimer (born 1930), film actor
  • Andrés Oppenheimer (born 1951), Argentine author and journalist known for his analysis of Latin American politics
  • Bernard Oppenheimer (1866–1921), South African and British diamond merchant and philanthropist, brother of Ernest
  • David Oppenheimer (1834–1897), second mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ernest Oppenheimer (1880–1957), diamond and gold mining entrepreneur and financier; controlled De Beers and founded the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, brother of Bernard
  • Frank Oppenheimer (1912–1985), physicist, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer, founder of the Exploratorium in San Francisco
  • Franz Oppenheimer (1864–1943), German sociologist and political economist
  • Harry Frederick Oppenheimer (1908–2000), South African businessman of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, son of Ernest
  • Hillel Oppenheimer (1899–1971), Israeli professor of botany, son of Franz
  • Isabel la Negra (1901–1974), also known as Isabel Luberza Oppenheimer, a Puerto Rican criminal
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), physicist who headed the Manhattan Project, known as the "Father of the Atomic Bomb"
  • Jess Oppenheimer (1913–1988), screenwriter who wrote for Lucille Ball
  • Joel Oppenheimer (1930–1988), American writer
  • Joseph Suss Oppenheimer (1698–1738), financial adviser to Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg
  • Max Ophüls (1902–1957), born as Maximilian Oppenheimer, a German film director
  • Michael Oppenheimer, professor of geosciences at Princeton University, authority on climate change
  • Nicky Oppenheimer (born 1945), chairman of De Beers and of The Diamond Trading Company, son of Harry
  • Peter Oppenheimer, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Apple Computer
  • Stephen Oppenheimer (born 1947), popular science writer in prehistory
  • Ben R. Oppenheimer (born 1972)
  • Charles Cuprill Oppenheimer (born c. 1910)
  • Damon Oppenheimer (born 1962)
  • Daniel M. Oppenheimer
  • Jerry Oppenheimer
  • Joshua Oppenheimer (born 1974)
  • Kay Oppenheimer
  • Lillian Oppenheimer (1898–1992)
  • Samuel Oppenheimer (1635–1703)
  • Sharon Oppenheimer (born 1973), Jewish activist, writer, actress
  • Suzi Oppenheimer (born 1934)
  • Thomas Oppenheimer (born 1988)

Oppenheimer may also refer to:

  • Oppenheimer (band), an indie-pop electronica duo from Belfast, made up of Shaun Robinson and Rocky O'Reilly
  • Oppenheimer & Co., a global investment bank, and a division of Oppenheimer Holdings
  • Oppenheimer Funds, acquired by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, a New York mutual fund
  • Oppenheimer Holdings, of Toronto, Ontario
  • Oppenheimer Diamond, a large yellow diamond named in memory of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
  • Oppenheimer (album)
  • Oppenheimer (crater)

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Famous quotes containing the word oppenheimer:

    In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose.
    —J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967)