A presenter, or host (sometimes hostess when a feminine person), is a person or organization responsible for running a public event. A museum or university, for example, may be the presenter or host of an exhibit. In films, a presenter (but not a host) is a usually well-known executive producer credited with introducing a film or filmmaker to a larger audience.

In broadcast media a presenter is, especially in British English, the person who hosts, narrates, or otherwise takes the main role in presenting a radio or television programme.

A person who hosts or presents other kinds of public entertainment may also be known as a master of ceremonies (often abbreviated to MC, or emcee).

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Famous quotes containing the word presenter:

    It is more than likely that the brain itself is, in origin and development, only a sort of great clot of genital fluid held in suspense or reserved.... This hypothesis ... would explain the enormous content of the brain as a maker or presenter of images.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)