Short may refer to:

  • Short circuit, an accidental connection between two nodes of an electrical circuit
  • Short (finance), stock-trading position
  • Short film, a cinema format
  • Short snorter, a banknote signed by fellow travelers, common during WW-II
  • Short subject, a cinema format used almost interchangeably with short film
  • Short integer, a computer datatype
  • Short (cricket), an attribute among fielding position modifiers in cricket
  • Short Brothers, a British aerospace company
  • Short Brothers of Sunderland, former English shipbuilder
  • A short person is one of lower human height
  • A partially smoked cigarette that has been saved for later use
  • SHORT syndrome, a medical condition in which affected individuals have multiple birth defects

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Famous quotes containing the word short:

    You’re too short for that gesture. Besides, it went out with Mrs. Fiske.
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909–1993)

    Life’s too short for chess.
    Henry J. Byron (1834–1884)

    Baptiste knew how to make a short job long
    For love of it, and yet not waste time either.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)