Short Story Collection

A short story collection is a book of short stories by a single author, as distinguished by an anthology of fiction by more than one author. The stories in a collection can share a theme, setting, or characters and sometimes can also include work of poetry. Notable collections include Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger, Dubliners by James Joyce, Born of Man and Woman by Richard Matheson, Night Shift by Stephen King, Rock Springs by Richard Ford, and Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Edgar Allan Poe wrote numerous short stories which were then assembled into a book of them.

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Famous quotes containing the words short, story and/or collection:

    The absence of the beloved, short though it may last, always lasts too long.
    Molière [Jean Baptiste Poquelin] (1622–1673)

    Who were the fools who spread the story that brute force cannot kill ideas? Nothing is easier. And once they are dead they are no more than corpses.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)

    Our society is not a community, but merely a collection of isolated family units.
    Valerie Solanas (b. 1940)