Producer may refer to

An occupation
  • Film producer, oversees the making of films
    • Executive producer, sometimes a 'deal-making', or money-raising producer not involved in day-to-day production
    • Line producer, manages the budget and/or day to day running of a film production
  • Hip hop producer, creates hip hop music using electronic instruments
  • Impresario, a producer or manager in the theatre and music industries
  • Producer (agriculture), a farm operator
  • Radio producer, oversees the making of a radio show
  • Record producer, or musical event producer, in the music industry
  • Television producer, oversees the making of television programs
  • Theatrical producer, oversees the staging of theatre productions
  • Video game producer, produces computer and console games
  • Web producer, oversees the management of web sites
    • Online producer, oversees the making of content for web sites
  • Autotroph, an organism that synthesizes energy-rich organic compounds
  • "The Producer", an episode of Gilligan's Island
  • Producer, in economics, an individual or organization that creates goods or services (see Production, costs, and pricing)
  • Producers (band), English rock band consisting of renowned record producers and musicians.