Mother India - Cast


  • Nargis as Radha, the heroine and archetypal Indian woman
  • Sunil Dutt as Birju, Radha's younger rebellious son, who turns into a dacoit.
  • Rajendra Kumar as Ramu, Radha's elder son, who paths his mother's path of virtuousness
  • Raaj Kumar as Shamu, Radha's husband
  • Kanhaiyalal as Sukhilala "Lala", the evil and cunning money-lender
  • Jilloo Maa
  • Kumkum as Champa
  • Sheela Naik as Kamla
  • Mukri as Shambu
  • Azra as Chandra
  • Master Sajid Khan as a young Birju
  • Master Surendra as a young Ramu

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