Na may refer to:

  • Na (state) (那), small state of Zhou Dynasty
  • Na (羅), Korean surname, Ra, La in official common, Luo in Chinese
  • Na (kana), a Japanese kana
  • Na (tree) or Mesua ferrea, a species of tree native to Sri Lanka
  • .na, the top-level domain for Namibia
  • Na people, a small tribal group in India
  • Mosuo or Na, a small ethnic group in China near Tibet
  • Nauruan language, ISO code
  • Sodium's chemical symbol
  • Avogadro constant, NA

NA or N.A. may refer to:


  • North America, a continent
  • Narcotics Anonymous, a twelve-step program that focuses on addiction
  • National bank (National Association), in the United States
  • National Academician, a member of the National Academy of Design
  • Numerical aperture, a number that characterizes a range of angles in an optical system
  • Neuroacanthocytosis
  • Noradrenaline or norepinephrine, a hormone
  • National Alliance (Netherlands), a former Dutch political party
  • National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, the first professional baseball league
  • Emotions Anonymous (formerly Neurotics Anonymous)
  • Nucleic acid analogues
  • Virgin New Adventures, a series of Doctor Who novels


  • Namibia, ISO country code
  • North American Airlines, IATA code
  • Naples' Italian car number plates provincial designator
  • Netherlands Antilles' former international vehicle registration code