Rafi is a male name used by Muslims, Jews and Christians of Armenian origin . The word Rafi is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "holding high" or "servant of the exalted one". Common variants include "Rafee", "Rafie", "Raffi", Rafiq, "Rafay" and "Raffy". Amongst Jews, Rafi is a common nickname for people called Rafael. Rafi could refer to:

  • Abu al-Rafi ibn Abu al-Huqayq, a chieftain of Jewish tribes
  • Mirza Rafi Sauda, an Urdu language poet
  • Mohammed Rafi, an Indian playback singer
  • Muhammad Rafi Usmani, Grand Mufti of Pakistan
  • Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, an Indian politician
  • Rafi Amit, a poker player from Israel
  • Rafael ('Rafi') Eitan, an Israeli leader
  • Rafi Escudero, a musician, singer, and poet from Puerto Rico
  • Rafi Gavron, a British actor
  • Rafi Izbicki, an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson
  • Rafi Khawar, a Pakistani actor
  • Rafi Manoukian, a former member of the city council in Glendale, California
  • Rafi Pitts, an Iranian film director
  • Rafi Ud-Daulat, a Mughal emperor
  • Rafi Ul-Darjat, the tenth Mughal emperor
  • Rafiuddin Raz, Pakistani poet
  • Rafi Yoeli, Israeli inventor
  • Rafi Zabor, a musician-turned novelist
  • Sultan Rafi Sharif Bey, a pioneer in the development of Islamic culture in the United States
  • Rafi Mecartin, a director duo in Malayalam films

Rafi can also refer to:

  • Rafi (political party), a political party in Israel during the 1960s
  • Rafi, Iran, a city in Khuzestan Province
  • Rafi, Abadan, a village in Khuzestan Province
  • Rafi, Nigeria, a Local Government Area of Niger State