Hindmarsh may refer to

  • John Hindmarsh, the first Governor of South Australia after whom the following places are named
    • Division of Hindmarsh, an electoral division for the Australian House of Representatives
    • Hindmarsh, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide
    • Hindmarsh Island, an island at the mouth of the Murray River in Australia
      • Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy - an Australian legal and political controversy that involved the clash of Indigenous Australian religious beliefs and the rights of property owners
      • Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission - the legal investigation into the nature of female aboriginal religious myths that existed around Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island
    • Hindmarsh Square, a square in the city of Adelaide
    • Hindmarsh Stadium, a soccer stadium in Adelaide.
  • Nathan Hindmarsh, Australian rugby league player
  • Ian Hindmarsh, Australian rugby league player
  • Robert Hindmarsh, first minister and chief organiser of the New Church (Swedenborgian)
  • Mike Hindmarsh, Major General in the Australian Defence Force
  • Jean Hindmarsh, singer and actress
  • Johnny Hindmarsh 1930s racing-car driver and test pilot