Australians are the citizens of Australia. Aside from the Indigenous Australian population, nearly all Australians or their ancestors immigrated within the past 230 years. As such the term does not necessarily imply a specific racial background. Australian people are colloquially referred to as 'Aussie'.

Mainstream Australian culture is a Western culture largely derived from the traditions of Western European migrants beginning with the early settlers from England, Scotland, and Ireland. As such Anglo-Celtic Australians have been highly influential in shaping the nation's culture.

The demographics of the major cities are often different to that of rural cities as a result of the differing migration patterns.

Australians can refer to:

  • The citizens of Australia, as defined by Australian nationality law
  • People whose ancestors lived in Australia

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Famous quotes containing the word australian:

    The Australian mind, I can state with authority, is easily boggled.
    Charles Osborne (b. 1927)

    Beyond the horizon, or even the knowledge, of the cities along the coast, a great, creative impulse is at work—the only thing, after all, that gives this continent meaning and a guarantee of the future. Every Australian ought to climb up here, once in a way, and glimpse the various, manifold life of which he is a part.
    Vance Palmer (1885–1959)

    Each Australian is a Ulysses.
    Christina Stead (1902–1983)