.bj is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Benin. It is administered by the Office of Stations and Telecommunications of Benin.

The zone “.bj” is broken up into two separate categories: public domains (such as: .bj, .gouv.bj, .mil.bj, .edu.bj, .gov.bj, .asso.bj, etc.) and sectoral fields (such as: .barreau.bj, .com.bj etc.)

As domain names, alphanumeric terms made up of letters of the French alphabet from A to Z, figures from 0 to 9, and indents “-” are allowed.

Domain names that:

  • are composed of a single nature;
  • are composed of two letters only;
  • begin or end with an indent “-”; or
  • are of a length greater than 255 characters (or 63 by under field)

cannot be recorded.