In general, a filler is something that is used to fill gaps. Specialized meanings of the word "filler" include:

  • Filler (animal food), dietary fiber and other ingredients added to pet foods to provide bulk
  • Filler (linguistics), a sound spoken to fill up gaps in utterances
  • Filler (materials), particles added to a matrix material, usually to improve its properties
  • Filler (packaging), a machine designed to fill packaging, usually occurs in food packaging
  • Filler metal, metal added in the making of a joint through welding, brazing, or soldering
  • Grain filler, a product that is used to achieve a smooth-textured wood finish
  • Seat filler, a person who fills an empty seat during an event
  • Star filler, a plastic insert in computer cables which separates wires

In media and entertainment:

  • Filler (media), in television and other media, material that exists outside the story arc to pad out other material
  • Filler text, placeholder or dummy text
  • "Filler" (song), by hardcore punk band Minor Threat


  • Deb Filler (born 1954), New Zealand born writer/performer, character artist and producer
  • Louis Filler (1911-1998), American teacher and scholar
  • Martin Filler (born 1948), American architecture critic