AWS or aws can refer to:

  • Alien Workshop, a skateboard company
  • Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft (aws), an Austrian bank
  • AWS Shopper, Automobilwerk Walter Schätzle, German manufacturer of a microcar
  • A Wilhelm Scream, a punk rock band from Massachusetts
  • American Wind Symphony
  • Akcja Wyborcza Solidarność (Solidarity Electoral Action), a political party coalition in Poland
  • American Welding Society
  • Association of Women Surgeons
Safety and warning systems
  • Aircraft warning service, a civilian service of the United States Army Ground Observer Corps
  • Automatic Warning System for road and railway use
Computing and telecommunications
  • Amazon Web Services, a collection of remote computing services
  • Apple Workgroup Server
  • Advanced Wireless Services, a wireless telecommunications spectrum band used for mobile phones
Other uses
  • Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls, the Afrikaans Word List and Spelling Rules publication
  • All-women shortlists, a political tactic to increase the proportion of female parliamentary representatives
  • American War Standard, a plan for the electronic color code of small radio parts
  • Automatic weather station
  • Banu Aus (Sons of Aws), a tribe in Mohammad's era
  • Affordable Weapon System, a US Navy cruise missile system in a shipping container
  • Associate Writer to the Signet, an associate member of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet in Scotland, an ancient association of lawyers