Ein is German for a and an. Ein can also stand for:

  • Ein, a character in the anime series Cowboy Bebop
  • Ein, see Hayate (Dead or Alive), a character in the video game Dead Or Alive
  • Ein, the protagonist of the Game Boy Advance game Riviera: The Promised Land
  • Ein (Hebrew, אין) means Nothing, Null. See also Ein Sof.

EIN can stand for:

  • Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia, a precancerous condition in women
  • Employer Identification Number, a number assigned by the United States Internal Revenue Service to all employers
  • Eindhoven Airport, an airport with IATA code EIN
  • Aer Lingus, an airline whose ICAO code is EIN

Famous quotes containing the word ein:

    Ah, there should be a young man, ein schone Junge carrying Blumen, a bouquet of roses. There should be cold Rhine wine and Strauss waltzes, and on the long way home kisses in the shadow of an archway, like a Cinderella.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)