Armenian refers to something of, from, or related to Armenia, a country in the South Caucasus region of Eastern Europe:

  • Armenians, persons from Armenia, or of Armenian descent
  • Armenian language, the Indo-European language spoken by Armenian people
  • Armenian cuisine
  • Armenian alphabet
  • Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, one of the republics that made up the former Soviet Union

Famous quotes containing the word armenian:

    The exile is a singular, whereas refugees tend to be thought of in the mass. Armenian refugees, Jewish refugees, refugees from Franco Spain. But a political leader or artistic figure is an exile. Thomas Mann yesterday, Theodorakis today. Exile is the noble and dignified term, while a refugee is more hapless.... What is implied in these nuances of social standing is the respect we pay to choice. The exile appears to have made a decision, while the refugee is the very image of helplessness.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)