Der may refer to:

  • Der (Sumer), an ancient city located in modern-day Iraq
  • Darkənd, Azerbaijan

DER may be an acronym for:

  • Deep Energy Retrofit, any of various methods for renovating an existing structure with substantial energy efficiency measures
  • FAA Designated Engineering Representatives
  • Digital Education Revolution an Australian Government funded educational reform program to provide schools with students in years 9-12 with laptops and high-speed broadband
  • DER rental (Domestic Electric Rentals Ltd), a UK television rentals company
  • Dearborn (Amtrak station), station code DER, in Michigan, United States
  • Distinguished Encoding Rules, a method for encoding a data object
  • Documentary Educational Resources, non-profit film producer and distributor
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • ∂, the partial derivative symbol

Famous quotes containing the word der:

    Under the lindens on the heather,
    There was our double resting-place.
    —Walther Von Der Vogelweide (1170?–1230?)