American Indian

American Indian may refer to:

  • Indian American, an inhabitant of the United States with ancestors from India.
  • Native Americans in the United States, the indigenous peoples within the present-day boundaries of the United States
  • Indigenous peoples of the Americas, the indigenous peoples of North and South America

Famous quotes containing the words american and/or indian:

    Americans are overreaching; overreaching is the most admirable and most American of the many American excesses.
    George F. Will (b. 1941)

    This, it will be remembered, was the scene of Mrs. Rowlandson’s capture, and of other events in the Indian wars, but from this July afternoon, and under that mild exterior, those times seemed as remote as the irruption of the Goths. They were the dark age of New England.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)