RDE can stand for

  • Rapidly developing economy, an emerging market that is undergoing rapid growth
  • Redundant Data Elimination, the process of reducing file storage requirements through data deduplication
  • Revue d'Égyptologie, a scholarly journal of Egyptology (commonly abbreviated RdE)
  • Rotating disk electrode, a type of electrode used in electrochemistry
  • Route Decision Engine, a component of OpenBGPD
  • Rule-developing experimentation, a term used in market research

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Levich Equation
... flow conditions around a Rotating disk electrode (RDE) ... after Veniamin Grigorievich Levich who first developed an RDE as a tool for electrochemical research ... be used to predict the current observed at an RDE, in particular, the Levich equation gives the height of the sigmoidal wave observed in rotating disk voltammetry ...
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