Ethnic Group

An ethnic group is a group of people whose members are identified through a common trait. This can, but does not have to, include an idea of common heritage, a common culture, a shared language or dialect. The group's ethos or ideology may also stress common ancestry and religion, as opposed to an ethnic minority group which refers to race. The process that results in the emergence of an ethnicity is called ethnogenesis. Some ethnic groups are marked by little more than a common name.

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Ainu Mythology - Geography
... were used to identify the ethnic group ... Others were either mixed race or married to ethnic Russians ... To eradicate the Ainu identity, the Soviet authorities removed the ethnic group from the list of nationalities which could be mentioned in a Soviet passport ...
Shekuba Saccoh
... the only reason he lost the leadership is because he is not from the Mende ethnic group ... said was unfairly treated because he is from the minority Mandingo ethnic group, the same ethnic group former Sierra Leone's president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah belongs to ...
Anti-Ukrainian Sentiment - Russia
... in Russia 75% of Russian respondents respected Ukrainians as ethnic group but 55% were negative about Ukraine as the state ... Sociology Institute were positive about Russians as ethnic group, 93% respected Russian Federation and 76% respected Russian establishment ... Ukrainians form the third largest ethnic group in Russian Federation after Russians and Tatars ...
Ethnic Group - Ethnicity in Specific Regions - United States
... In the United States of America, the term "ethnic" carries a different meaning from how it is commonly used in some other countries due to the historical and ongoing significance of racial ... For example, various ethnic, "national," or linguistic groups from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Latin America and Indigenous America have long been aggregated as racial ... While a sense of ethnic identity may coexist with racial identity (Chinese Americans among Asian or Irish American among European or White, for example), the long history of the United States as ...
Sebei People
... Sebei is an ethnic group of Uganda and Sudan ... Many members of this ethnic group live in Kapchorwa District of Uganda ... of Kenya which is a home to more than five million Kalenjin, a large ethnic group to which the Sebei belongs ...

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    Caprice, independence and rebellion, which are opposed to the social order, are essential to the good health of an ethnic group. We shall measure the good health of this group by the number of its delinquents. Nothing is more immobilizing than the spirit of deference.
    Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985)