Equal commonly refers to a state of equality.

Equal or equals may also refer to:

  • Equal (sweetener), a brand of artificial sweetener
  • EQUAL Community Initiative, an initiative within the European Social Fund of the European Union
  • Equals sign, or the symbol "="
  • The Equals, a British pop group formed in 1965
  • E.Quals, a Nepali Heavy Metal band

Other articles related to "equal":

Conway Chained Arrow Notation - Properties
... with a is a power of a a chain 1 → Y is equal to 1 a chain X → 1 → Y is equal to X a chain 2 → 2 → Y is equal to 4 a chain X → 2 → 2 is equal to ...
Equal Pay For Equal Work
... Equal pay for equal work is the concept of labour rights that individuals doing the same work should receive the same remuneration ... and Cultural Rights and the Article 15 of African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights ensure the "equal pay for equal work" ... of the International Labour Organization also proclaims "the principles of equal remuneration for equal value" ...
Civil Liberties In The United States - Equal Protection
... Main article Equal Protection Clause Equal protection prevents the government from creating laws that are discriminatory in application or effect ...
Per Stirpes - Examples
... A, specifies in his will that his estate is to be divided among his descendants in equal shares per stirpes ... B2 constitute one "branch" of the family, and collectively receive a share equal to the shares received by C and D as branches (figure 1) ... Thus, the B, C, and D branches receive equal shares of the whole estate, the B1 and B2 branches receive equal shares of the B branch's share, B1a and B1b receive ...
Weak Derivative - Properties
... are weak derivatives of the same function, they are equal except on a set with Lebesgue measure zero, i.e ... they are equal almost everywhere ... of functions, where two functions are equivalent if they are equal almost everywhere, then the weak derivative is unique ...

Famous quotes containing the word equal:

    The life of a good man will hardly improve us more than the life of a freebooter, for the inevitable laws appear as plainly in the infringement as in the observance, and our lives are sustained by a nearly equal expense of virtue of some kind. The decaying tree, while yet it lives, demands sun, wind, and rain no less than the green one. It secretes sap and performs the functions of health. If we choose, we may study the alburnum only. The gnarled stump has as tender a bud as the sapling.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The planter, the farmer, the mechanic, and the laborer ... form the great body of the people of the United States, they are the bone and sinew of the country—men who love liberty and desire nothing but equal rights and equal laws.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    Anyone with a real taste for solitude who indulges that taste encounters the dangers of any other drug-taker. The habit grows. You become an addict.... Absorbed in the visions of solitude, human beings are only interruptions. What voice can equal the voices of solitude? What sights equal the movement of a single day’s tide of light across the floor boards of one room? What drama be as continuously absorbing as the interior one?
    Jessamyn West (1902–1984)