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West African Giraffe - Conservation
... Conservation efforts since the 1990s have led to a sizable growth in population, though largely limited to the single Dosso herd ... Intensive efforts have been made within Niger, especially in the area just north of the Dosso Partial Faunal Reserve ... under little formal regulation, is the centre for Nigerien and international efforts to maintain habitat, smooth relations between the herd and area farmers, and provide opportunities for ...
Diplomatic And Humanitarian Efforts In The Somali Civil War
... international and local diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the Somali Civil War have been in effect since the conflict first began in the early 1990s ... together by the African Union, the Arab League and the European Union, as well as humanitarian efforts led by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCH ...
Nick Mooney
... In addition to efforts to learn about the diseases facing and threatening the Devil population, Mooney educates area farmers about the benefits they provide ... the Tasmanian Devil he is also involved with government efforts related to the search for the elusive, and some believe extinct, Tasmanian tiger, and ...
Jennifer Ann's Group - Efforts
... card sized cards with information about abusive relationships in an effort to help educate young women about this problem ... Richeson discussed the group's efforts to educate others about how common violence is in teenage relationships in an interview with El Paso, Texas NBC affiliate KTSM ... to schools and other organizations across the United States in support of its efforts to increase awareness about Teen Dating Violence ...
Foster Friess - Philanthropy
... provide clean water in Malawi, and donating to relief and recovery efforts following natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake ... grant program to raise $2 million for relief efforts for the 2004 Indonesian tsunami and traveled to the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami in order to speak with local church ... He sponsored another matching grant for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, raising more than $4 million ...

Famous quotes containing the word efforts:

    The attempt to be an ideal parent, that is, to behave correctly toward the child, to raise her correctly, not to give to little or too much, is in essence an attempt to be the ideal child—well behaved and dutiful—of one’s own parents. But as a result of these efforts the needs of the child go unnoticed. I cannot listen to my child with empathy if I am inwardly preoccupied with being a good mother; I cannot be open to what she is telling me.
    Alice Miller (20th century)

    Those great efforts of intellect, upon which the mind sometimes touches, are such that it cannot maintain itself there. It only leaps to them, not as upon a throne, forever, but merely for an instant.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

    The literal alternatives to [abortion] are suicide, motherhood, and, some would add, madness. Consequently, there is some confusion, discomfort, and cynicism greeting efforts to “find” or “emphasize” or “identify” alternatives to abortion.
    Connie J. Downey (b. 1934)