Wohl is a Yiddish spelling of Wahl, which corresponds to English "well" from German Language"well" or "sure". Also from Polish "elected".

Wohl is the surname of:

  • Saul Wohl, (born 1565), Economist to the Court of Polish King Stephan Bartory 1584, elected King of Poland after Bartory's death (1586)
  • Brian Wohl (born 1972), American professional wrestler
  • Dave Wohl, former NBA player and New Jersey Nets head coach
  • David Wohl, comic book writer and editor
  • Jeanette Wohl, correspondent and heir of Ludwig Börne
  • Louis de Wohl (1903 - 1961), Hungarian astrologer and writer
  • Maurice Wohl (1923 - 2007), British philanthropist
  • Aleksandar Wohl (born 1963), Australian chess player
  • Martín Wohl (born 1950), Puerto Rican philanthropist
  • Daniel Wohl (born 1993), Californian high school basketball star

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