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  • 1934 West Coast waterfront strike, industrial action in the United States
  • Wellington West Coast and Taranaki Regiment, a Territorial Force unit of the New Zealand Army
  • West Coast Amusements, a Canadian travelling amusement park company based in Langley, British Columbia
  • West Coast Avengers, a Marvel Comics superhero team
  • West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California
  • West Coast Computer Faire, a former computer industry conference
  • West Coast Eagles, an Australian rules football club based in Perth
  • West Coast hip hop, a form of hip hop music in the United States that developed and originated in Los Angeles
  • West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish, a United States Supreme Court ruling upholding minimum wage legislation
  • West Coast liberal, a stereotype encountered in American political culture
  • West Coast (TV series), a Canadian variety show television series which debuted on the CTV television network in 1961
  • West Coast University, a health-care oriented university in California and Ontario
  • West Coast University – Panama, no relation to the Californian institution
  • "West Coast", a song by the indie rock band Coconut Records (band)
  • "West Coast", an album by Swedish electronic band Studio (band)

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