Tala may refer to:

  • Samoan tālā, the monetary unit of Samoa
  • Tala (comics), a DC Comics supervillainess of the Phantom Stranger
  • Tala (goddess), a bright star in reference to the ancient goddess of stars in Tagalog mythology
  • Tala (music), a rhythmic pattern in Indian classical music
  • Tala, a book by Gabriela Mistral
  • Tala (Celtis tala), a South America hackberry
  • Tala, a protagonist-turned-antagonist in the video game Darkwatch
  • Tala Valkov, a character from the anime/manga series Beyblade
  • Tala, also called Wistala, the primary character in the second book in Age of Fire series by E. E. Knight

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