Ti may refer to:

  • Tiye, the mother of Akhenaten
  • Ti or Tī is a generic name in Polynesian languages for plants of the genus Cordyline, including:
    • Cordyline fruticosa, Tī, Tī pore (Māori), Kī (Hawaiian), a widely cultivated plant throughout Polynesia
    • Cordyline australis (Tī kōuka or Cabbage tree, New Zealand)
    • Cordyline banksii (Tī ngahere or Forest cabbage tree, New Zealand)
    • Cordyline indivisa (Tī toī, tōī or Mountain cabbage tree, New Zealand)
    • Cordyline obtecta (Tī, Norfolk Island cabbage tree, Three Kings cabbage tree, Norfolk Island and New Zealand)
    • Cordyline pumilio (Tī rauriki, Tī koraha or Dwarf cabbage tree, New Zealand)
  • Ti, the scientific notation for Titanium
  • Truncated icosahedron
  • Ti, a high-status official during the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt
  • Ti/si, the seventh syllable in solfège technique
  • Texas Instruments, an American computer technology company
  • Clifford Harris, better known by stage name T.I., American recording artist and actor
  • Treasure Island Hotel and Casino