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  • "String", a Monty Python sketch about a marketing campaign for string, appearing initially on their Contractual Obligation Album
  • String, a character controlled by Marik in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese manga
  • Strings (band), a pop rock band from Pakistan
    • Strings (album), debut album of the Pakistani pop band Strings
  • String (Thai pop), a genre of Thai pop music
  • Strings, a 1994 album by Kristin Hersh
  • Strings, the nickname of the Swedish musician Robert Dahlqvist
  • Strings (1991 film), a Canadian animated short
  • Strings (2004 film), a film directed by Anders R√łnnow Klarlund
  • Strings (2011 film), a American dramatic thriller film
  • The String, 2009 French film

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