Space Coast - Space-named Landmarks (outside KSC and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station)

Space-named Landmarks (outside KSC and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station)

  • Alan Shepard Park, Cocoa Beach
  • Apollo Boulevard, Melbourne
  • Apollo Elementary School, Titusville
  • Armstrong Drive, Titusville
  • Astronaut Boulevard, Cape Canaveral
  • Astronaut High School, Titusville
  • Atlantis Elementary School, Port St. John
  • Challenger Memorial Parkway, (State Road 407), Titusville
  • Challenger 7 Elementary School, Port St. John
  • Chaffee Drive, Titusville
  • Christa McAuliffe drawbridge, Merritt Island
  • Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, Palm Bay
  • Columbia Boulevard (State Road 405), Titusville
  • Columbia Elementary School, Palm Bay
  • Columbia Village, Melbourne (Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Discovery Elementary School, Palm Bay
  • Endeavour Elementary Magnet school, Cocoa
  • Enterprise Elementary School, Cocoa
  • Freedom 7 Elementary School, Cocoa Beach
  • Gemini Elementary School, Melbourne Beach
  • Grissom Parkway, Cocoa
  • I Dream Of Jeannie Drive, Cocoa Beach
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School, Rockledge
  • Jupiter Boulevard, Palm Bay
  • Jupiter Elementary School, Palm Bay
  • Kennedy Point Park, Titusville
  • Ronald McNair Middle Magnet School, Rockledge
  • MILA Elementary School, Merritt Island
  • Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach
  • NASA Boulevard (State Road 508), Melbourne
  • Satellite Beach, Florida
  • Satellite Boulevard, Cocoa
  • Satellite High School, Satellite Beach
  • Saturn Elementary School, Cocoa
  • Shepard Drive, Titusville
  • Space Coast Academy, Melbourne
  • Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School
  • Space Coast Stadium, Viera, Florida
  • Space Coast Surge, a member of the Florida Winter Baseball League played out of Cocoa in 2009
  • Space View Park, Titusville
  • White Drive, Titusville

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