Sorcerer - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Sorcerer - a practitioner of magic
  • Sorcerer (film), a 1977 jungle adventure film
  • The Sorceror (film), a 1932 German film
  • The Sorcerers, a 1967 British science fiction/horror film
  • Sorcerer (operating system), a Linux distribution
  • The Sorcerer (cave art), an enigmatic cave painting in 'The Sanctuary' cavern, Ariège, France
  • Exidy Sorcerer, a home computer system released in 1978
  • The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer, a comic book
  • Charodei, a 1982 Soviet comedy film
  • Sorcerer (moth), a moth of the Noctuidae family
  • Sorceror (horse) (1995–1998), American Thoroughbred racehorse

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