In mathematics, solvable may refer:

  • Solvable group
  • Solvable extension, a field extension whose Galois group is a solvable group
  • Solvable equation does not refer to an equation which has solutions, but to a polynomial equation which may by solved by radicals, or, equivalently, has a solvable Galois group
  • Solvable Lie algebra
  • Solvable problem, a computational problem that can be solved by a Turing machine
  • Exactly solvable model

Famous quotes containing the word solvable:

    The problems of the world, AIDS, cancer, nuclear war, pollution, are, finally, no more solvable than the problem of a tree which has borne fruit: the apples are overripe and they are falling—what can be done?... Nothing can be done, and nothing needs to be done. Something is being done—the organism is preparing to rest.
    David Mamet (b. 1947)