SLA may refer to:

in geography,

  • Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport, Salta Province, Argentina (by IATA code)
  • South Los Angeles
  • State Line Avenue, in Texarkana, United States

in science and engineering,

  • Sealed lead-acid, a type of lead-acid battery
  • Second-language acquisition, the process by which people learn additional languages
  • Short long arms suspension, a wheel suspension type for vehicles with wishbones of unequal length
  • Specific leaf area, a botanical term describing a property of a leaf on a plant, often used as a measure of leaf "thickness"
  • Stereolithography apparatus, a type of rapid prototyping machine

in organizations,

  • Saint Lawrence Academy, a college preparatory school located in Santa Clara, California
  • School Library Association, an association for school librarians
  • South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-backed militia during the Lebanese Civil War
  • Special Libraries Association, an association for professional librarians working in specialized libraries
  • Sri Lanka Army, the oldest and largest of Sri Lanka's armed services
  • State Liquor Authority, New York State organization that enforces liquor laws
  • Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, a rebel group in the Sudanese region Darfur
  • Symbionese Liberation Army,1970's Radical group and kidnappers of Patricia Campbell Hearst
  • Sociedat de Lingüistica Aragonesa, Aragonese language society
  • Singapore Land Authority, a statutory board under the Ministry of Law of Singapore

in other uses,

  • Service-level agreement, a contractual agreement on the level of service to be provided by a service provider to a customer, commonly used in computer-related services
  • Single life annuity, a form of recurring payment
  • Shared line appearance, a technique used in telephony
  • SLA Industries, a role-playing game written by Nightfall Games
  • Savings and loan association, savings banks in the United States of America
  • Slow left arm, a bowling style in cricket
  • Software license agreement, a contract placing restrictions on the use of software
  • Source level adjuster, a feature present on some car audio equipment
  • .sla, a file extension used in the open-source software Scribus
  • The Softwood Lumber Agreement, part of the United States–Canada trade dispute